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We are proud to announce that Air For Life is now a Climate Positive Workforce. We have partnered with Ecologi to offset Air For Life’s  carbon usage to become a climate positive workforce. Through this partnership, Air For Life will plant a tree for every sale that is made directly from our website.

At Air For Life, we create products that improves indoor air quality to minimise the risk of lung-related diseases and needless to say, trees are the lungs of Earth and it is more important now than ever to take action to reduce the impact of climate change and to preserve our planet for future generations.

We have therefore set ourselves a business goal to plant 300,000 trees by 2030.

Our climate positive scheme has already received great feedback to our colleagues and clients alike.  We’ve put together some frequently asked questions about our new partnership:

Who is Ecologi?

Ecologi is an environmental organisation based in the United Kingdom that funds reforestation projects. Via Ecologi’s project, there has been over 28 million trees planted and over 1,000,000 tonnes of CO2 reduced since early 2019.

They work with tree planting partners who will plant trees responsibly on our behalf. The project hires local villagers who grows, plant, and guard the forest restoration sites and creates fair-wage employments.

What does Climate Positive Workforce mean for Air For Life?

Climate Positive Workforce not only works to plant a tree for every sale but they also work together with our company to offset the carbon footprint of each and every employee’s lifestyle that work’s at Air For Life. This includes; their time at work, travelling, and even when they are at home washing up or even having a bath!

How can Ecologi offset Air For Life’s emissions?

Firstly to offset our carbon footprint through verified carbon offsets, and two, to plant trees. The trees that are planted now will take several years to grow and develop, but as the trees are growing, they are quietly taking in the carbon at the same time.

What are the carbon offset projects?

We rotate  between different projects at Ecologi, each project avoids greenhouse gases from entering and affecting the atmosphere.

What are the certifications?

Ecologi are used to fund offset projects that meets the highest verification standards such as the Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard.

How can I see Air For Life’s forest?

You can monitor and track Air For Life’s progress by visiting our very own forest at:

How can I get involved?

If you like the sound of our tree planting project and would like to help us reach our goal for 2030, there are two ways you can help by:

  1. Make a purchase (or recommend friends and family) on directly on our website– your purchase will allow us to plant a tree on your behalf
  2. “Gift an Impact” when you visit our forest and make a payment, your payment will fund tree-planting projects. The impact will be shown on our profile.

For further information about our partnership with Ecologi email us on or to purchase one of our products, you canvisit our website to not only save and protect your own lungs but also save the lungs of the earth.

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