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As the pandemic has led us to a different way of working, many employers and employees have started looking for ways to adapt into the new ‘normal’ at work.

Whether the roles are now fully remote, hybrid, or even the traditional – back to the office, there is one aspect that employers and employees should start considering.

What is the indoor air quality like?

Breathing in another person’s air isn’t pleasant. We would not drink from unknown sources, we would not even lick a handrail in public, but why are we breathing in dirty air?

We spend approximately 90% of our time indoors, and from recent research we have conducted, 73.68% of respondents are not using an air purifier and the main reason is the lack of knowledge or information that is available to them.
At Air for Life, we have been researching and developing an air purifier that purifies the air we breathe, but also sanitises the air and surfaces. So you will be breathing in clean, fresh mountainous air, as if you were by the mountains.


As employers ourselves, we understand the importance of ensuring we stay within our budgets, whether it’s for departmental budgets, new hire budgets, or even daily expenses of the business. There is something that we believe will be an added incentive to new and existing employees.

Many companies could offer an envious number of annual leave allowance, a competitive salary, fuel card, or even a ping pong table, but as a company, we strongly believe it is important to consider providing an environment that helps the employee feel at ease and to be able to breath in fresh air whilst at work without the need to open the windows.

Not every company is geographically located near a mountain or waterfall, but we can recreate this with the addition of an AFL Wall Mount or an AFL Mini Sanifier.

Clean, fresh mountainous air

Our Sanifiers® uses energy efficient technology that fights impurities by cleaning and sanitising the surfaces in areas of up to 330-3,000sq ft (depending on which model you choose). This means office spaces such as staff rooms, open offices, meeting rooms, stock room, factories, and reception areas, are protected from airborne impurities such as: bacteria and viruses, pollen, dust, PM 2.5, pet dander (from other colleague’s pets), and even odours.

Airborne pollutants can travel indoors by simply leaving the window open, they can also stick onto our clothing, and they could be transferred by a simple sneeze.

When we sneeze, fine mist of mucus and saliva and burst travel from one person’s mount at nearly a hundred miles an hour and travel as far as 27 feet (National Geographic 2020). This is worry for many office-based employees.

The ability to provide clean, fresh mountainous air would not only reduce lung-related diseases caused by poor indoor air quality, but it also helps them concentrate better, and have less sick days.

Do you currently use any air purifier in the office? If so, we’d love to hear about your thoughts on them. If you are interested in finding out more about our Sanifiers®, feel free to contact us.

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