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From March to August, many people will experience similar symptoms which could affect their quality of breathing and living. 

This is known as seasonal allergic rhinitis (also known as hay fever). 

As the seasons change from spring to summer, grass pollen levels begin to rise which could trigger airborne-related allergens (such as tree pollens, flower pollen, and even weeds) to be present in our daily lives. 

In the summer, many of us enjoy opening the windows and patio doors for fresh air. At the same time, this increases the ability for pollen to be present indoors. 

Some pollen allergy symptoms include:

  • Sneezing
  • Nasal congestion
  • Irritated eyes, nose, and throat
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Quality of sleep is affected

According to Allergy UK, the risk of developing asthma amongst pollen allergy sufferers are at risk. So how do we reduce allergy symptoms? 

  1. Monitor: Consider checking the pollen counts the night before, so you can expect the level of pollen the next day and be prepared 
  2. Stay indoors (where possible): when the pollen counts are high, it is ideal to stay indoors as much as possible until the peak is over. The pollen count will vary depending on your geological location, weather conditions, and the level of green areas that are close to you
  3. Keep windows closed: When you are driving, it is so easy to open the windows for fresh air when you drive, but you are also allowing pollen to enter your vehicle. Where possible, use the air conditioner feature and keep the windows closed. 
  4. Household cleaning: This is obvious, but always ensure the upholstery and carpets are frequently vacuumed as pollen, mites, and dust could stay on the surfaces. If you have floorboards at home, always ensure the floors are regularly swept. 
  5. Air purifier: Introduce an air purifier in your rooms so you can enjoy fresh clean air when you are at home. 

How does our air purifier work? 

Our revolutionary, energy-efficient product – the AFL Mini Sanifier® II is a filterless, ultra-portable device that is energy-efficient that cleans and sanitises the air and surfaces in rooms of up to 330 square feet. The Mini Sanifier® II contains a long-life UVC lamp that destroys impurities that pass through the UV light. 

The light ray reacts with the nano metal AFLPCO® catalyst that produces negative ions that target carbon-based molecules including bacteria, viruses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

The Mini II also contains an AFL PLASMA® ioniser that reduces aero-allergenic causing particulate matter which are dust, pollen, PM 2.5, and pet dander. So you can breathe easier, and be safe in the comfort of your own home. 

For more details about allergen, please visit For further information about our AFL Mini Sanifier® II, send us a message via the contact us page and our friendly team will be happy to assist. 

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