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If you’ve ever spent time around cats, you know that they can be pretty allergy-inducing especially if you have a cat allergy. Some cats love to rub against people, and they love to smell things. That combination can cause problems for many people. But you don’t have to let your allergies keep you from loving your feline friends.

In this article, we’ve listed some tips on coping with cat allergies.

Stay Away from Your Cat’s Allergy Trigger

Sometimes we don’t know whether we have any allergy towards cats until symptoms appear, and this can be threatening to some, which is why it is important to speak to your doctor for advise, recommendation, and even a test to see if you have the allergy (especially if you are considering in introducing a cat into your home).

If you have developed allergies after owning a cat, it can difficult to stay away from your feline friend. Which is why we recommend introducing an air purifier that destroys the allergy-inducing pollutant when exposed. 

Keep a Diary of Your Symptoms

It can be helpful to keep a diary of your symptoms. That way, you can see what triggers your allergies and what you might need to do to avoid them especially if symptoms appear after stroking your cat, or if they are in the same room as you. 

You should also keep a diary of your activities. That way, you can see what kinds of things might be triggering your allergies.

Keep Your Indoor Space Ventilated

Keep your home ventilated. Open your curtains instead of closing them. If required, open your windows instead of closing them. The less air gets trapped inside your home, the less you’ll be exposed to allergens. That’s because allergens tend to collect in closed rooms.

And, don’t forget to keep your car ventilated while you’re in it. When you’re inside a car, your body is basically sitting in one room while dust, pollen, and other allergens are floating around inside your car. We have created a dedicated air purifier (known as the AFL Car Sanifier) for vehicles that is designed to destroy airborne pollutants within a vehicle by up to 99.99% as well as destroying bacteria on surfaces. Some of the pollutants destroyed include: bacteria, viruses, odours, PM 2.5, dust, and even pollen.

Wash Your Hands

It’s important to keep your hands clean. Your hands are your main defence against allergies. If you don’t wash them properly, you could be spreading allergies around.

You should wash your hands for two minutes every hour. That way, you’ll be washing your hands enough to keep yourself from spreading allergies. Plus, you’ll be reminding yourself to keep your home and car ventilated.

Allergy Treatment

Some people will choose to use an allergy treatment, however, it is important to remember that not every treatment is effective as our bodies all work in different ways, always speak to a doctor before starting any allergy related treatments.

Go Outside and Get Fresh Air

Fresh air is important as it allows us to clear are minds, however, but for those who suffers from hay fever and dust allergies, it can be a nightmare. We are able to wear face masks to filter pollen, however, it may not be comfortable for most people. Which is why our AFL Mini Sanifier® II is the air purifier that solves these problems. 

The AFL Mini Sanifier® II uses two unique technologies that destroys allergy inducing particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and even mold spores, by destroying these particles, users can breath easily without the need to take different approaches when dealing with pet allergies. At the same time, our AFL Mini Sanifier® II releases negative ions that are human and pet-friendly, which helps to boosts our moods and in the long term, allows us to be relaxed. 


Cats are great pets, but they’re also the cause of a lot of allergies in people. Whether it’s from your cat licking you or your pet dander, allergies can cause a lot of problems. But, you don’t have to let your allergies keep you from loving your cat friends. We hope these tips will help you keep healthy while getting the most out of your furry friend.


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