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Most filters on the market are designed to capture airborne particles such as dust and pollen, but they do not necessarily destroy the particles, especially volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and fine particles such as PM 2.5 

Standard HEPA filters are effective against filtering large particles of up to 0.3 microns but at the same time enable the captured particles to multiply at a rapid pace due to the warmth of the breeding ground (the HEPA filter) and when the filters are placed, the user is exposed to large quantities of pollutants that are trapped and multiplied. 

Many pet owners travel with their pets in their vehicles and standard vehicles rely solely on the use of their vehicle’s air filter which removes dirt and debris and prevents the vehicle from overheating but does not necessarily offers additional protection to the driver, passengers, and pets. 

At Air For Life, we have dedicated air purifiers that are purposely created for use within vehicles and for homes.

AFL Car Sanifier®

The AFL Car Sanifier® is a purpose-built device that purifies and sanities the air and surfaces within a vehicle, offering protection to the driver, passengers, and pets from harmful airborne impurities such as bacteria, viruses (including MRSA), dust, odour, pollen, smoke, and other dangerous pollutants such as PM 2.5. 

Using a dual-advanced ionisation technology, the AFL Car Sanifier® releases human-friendly negative ions that destroy impurities thanks to the unique built-in AFL Plasma® and AFLPCO® that are scientifically proven to destroy impurities by up to 99.99%. 

In the UK, pet owners spend more than £10 billion annually on dogs and £8 billion on pets.

Pet allergy not only affects humans, but also the pet themselves as they will not understand the reduced interaction which could potentially lead to anxiety and depression for the pets which could result in increased bills for the pet owners.  

The AFL Car Sanifier® not only sterilises the vehicle, but it is also safe for use by humans and pets that suffer from lung diseases, respiratory illnesses, and aids concentration levels for car journeys. 

AFL Mini Sanifier® II 

59% of households in the UK own a pet in 2020-2022, this equates to 17 million households of which 34 million domestic animals within the 17 million households (Statistica, 2022). 

A survey conducted by Animal Friends (2017) showed 13% of UK pet owners (2,000 surveyed) suffer from sneezing, rashes, hives, and even difficulty breathing symptoms when they are with their pets. At the same time, 12% of pet owners in the UK required hospital treatment to stop their symptoms from becoming life-threatening 

Concerning statistics also showed 35% of Brits gave away their pet due to allergic reactions and a further 28% had to rehome their pets due to sniffles, sneezing, and itchy skin. 

With an Air For Life Mini Sanifier® II, pet allergies will be an experience of the past. 

The AFL Mini Sanifier® II is a unique, all-in-one solution to allergies for homes – whether a pet is present or not. Using two unique technologies known as the AFLPCO® and AFL Plasma®, the AFL Mini Sanifier® II is scientifically proven to destroy airborne impurities such as pet dander, odours (including cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde), bacteria, viruses (including MRSA), PM 2.5, pollen, dust, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by up to 99.99%. 

The negative ion released air concentration levels for humans but at the same time, allows additional contact with pets due to reduced allergy symptoms experienced when they are close to the pets – this will reduce potential anxiety and depression in pets.

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