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‍If you suffer from an allergy or asthma, you’ll probably know about dust mites. These tiny creatures are a common cause of allergic reactions, as they live in almost every home across the globe and thrive in humid environments.

Luckily, there are ways to prevent your house from being overrun by these invaders and keep them locked out.

There’s no 100% guaranteed way to get rid of dust mites in your home, but there are plenty of things you can do to control their numbers and minimise their effects on you.

What are Dust Mites?

Dust mites are tiny creatures that feed on human skin cells that have been shed by the body. While they don’t cause health problems for most people, they are a common cause of allergies and asthma for a small number of people.

The mites can be found in the fabric of almost every home in the world, often thriving in humid environments rich in vegetation like gardens and parks. They’re also common in schools, offices, and other public places. People who have allergies or asthma caused by dust mites are known as “allergic to dust mites.”

Dust mites are microscopic arthropods, related to spiders and insects like ticks. The most common species are Blattella germanica and Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus. D. Pteronyssinus is the most common indoor allergen worldwide.

Drying Out the Environment

One of the best ways to control the dust mites in your home is by increasing the airflow in your home. This can be done by opening windows, especially when the weather is warmer, and by increasing the flow of air in your home by keeping fans running when the windows are closed.

Dust mites thrive in humid environments, so keeping the humidity down in your house is a great way to deter them. This can be done by using air conditioners and dehumidifiers in the summer months, and by keeping your thermostat set to a lower level in the colder months to keep your home from becoming too moist. Keeping your house clean and tidy will also help keep your home from getting too humid, as excess clutter creates a humid home environment.

Make sure you clean your home regularly and put your vacuum cleaner to good use as often as possible to keep your home clean, tidy, and free from dust mites.

Get a Quality Vacuum Cleaner

A good quality vacuum cleaner is essential for keeping your home free from dust mites and allergens in general, and can help keep them from overwhelming your home. Cleaning your home regularly will help prevent dust mites from building up, but you should also make sure that the vacuum you’re using is up to the job.

Many vacuum cleaners use a HEPA filter which traps allergens such as dust mites and dust into your vacuum cleaner, however, it is important to be aware that although these pollutants are trapped, they can also multiple and you can risk being exposed to large quantities of pollutants when you empty the vacuum – we will advise wearing appropriate personal protection equipment such as a face mask and gloves to reduce overexposure to these pollutants.

In addition to this, ensure the vacuum itself is regularly cleaned to keep it as effective as possible.

Install an Effective Air Purifier

Air purifiers are an effective and convenient way to reduce the number of dust mites in your home.

Most air purifiers will purify the air and trap pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, and dust via a HEPA filter, most HEPA filters can trap pollutants that are 0.3 microns, but some finer particles can still pass through.

At Air For Life, we recognise the frustration which is why we have created the AFL Mini Sanifier® II that uses dual advanced technology known as the AFLPCO® and AFL Plasma® that is scientifically proven to destroy airborne pollutants such as bacteria, viruses (including MRSA), dust, dust mites, pollen, PM 2.5, and even odours in the home by releasing an abundance of negative ions into the air.

By destroying airborne pollutants, the indoor air is clean and at the same time, surfaces are sanitised.  What’s special about the AFL Mini Sanifier II is that the device does not require the use of filters which could potentially save you hundreds of pounds annually.

Whichever method you use, it is important to speak to a trusted doctor for any symptoms that may arise so you reduce the symptoms quickly.

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