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As more children are going back to school there is likely to be shared concerns from different parties, from parents looking for ways to protect the child to teaching professionals worried about ensuring the health and safety of their students.

Indoor Air Quality

There are numerous studies that show good indoor quality within an educational setting increases a student’s ability to concentrate and improve their memory.

Breathing in the fresh air can help reduce airborne infection as bacteria and viruses which cause problems to our general health and increases the chance of students taking time off to recover from respiratory-related infections. But what happens when students and teaching professionals are sitting in the same room and one or two start to cough or sneeze?

We are aware that a could travel up to 50mph and distribute almost 3,000 droplets, but a sneeze, on the other hand, is more concerning. They can travel at 100mph and distribute up to 100,000 droplets. Imagine the surface area that it could cover.

Transferring Dust from outdoors

We all remember the moment when we were in the playground at school, we would sit with our friends on the benches, play on the apparatus, or run across the grass areas. But at the same time, dust and pollen could stick to our clothing and bacteria can stick to our arms and hands which makes us the perfect transportation method for impurities.

School children and staff can wash their hands and arms before they return to the classrooms, however, they are unable to wash their uniforms until they return home.


At Air For Life, we have spent over 10 years creating a product that solves the issues mentioned.

The AFL Mini Sanifier® II creates a safer environment for teachers, students, and even visitors by destroying contaminated air as they pass through the build-in UV light that reacts with the nano metal AFLPCO® catalyst to produce an abundance of negative ions, that targets bacteria viruses, and VOCs and converting them into water and carbon dioxide.

Another clever feature is that AFL PLASMA® ionisers that are also built inside the machine reduce aero allergenic causing particulate matters, so the room will be free from dust, pollen, and PM 2.5. What’s more, the device covers an area of up to 330sq feet, for larger rooms, we also have our mighty Wall Mount that covers up to 6,000 sq feet in size.

Are you ready to change the way your students and colleagues breathe?

Contact us today via for more details on our products that are beneficial for your classrooms.

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