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Welcome to AFL

In 2006, after the SARS outbreak, Founder and CEO Jay Vitale, left King’s College London Medical School with the aim to improve and protect the health of people around the world and to find a solution to poor indoor air quality.After discovering a NASA Developed Technology that eliminates ethylene gas produced by fresh fruit and vegetables, he flew to the home of NASA in Texas to further his research in this field and ultimately this was where he founded what is today Air For Life. 

Fast forward to 2017, the company strategically relocated to Great Britain in Milton Keynes as a British Governement approved health technology company.

Our core values

Air For Life is the benchmark and gold standard for innovative health technologies. We work for the welfare of people’s health by providing safe infection control solutions and clean air to everyone around the globe.

Being honest, transparent and ethical in our practices through our diverse working environment.
Breaking the mould and learning from our actions to create life changing solutions for the future.
Responsible for our actions today that impact tomorrow’s generation.
Creating a positive work culture where all opinions are valued equally and listened to.

Our team has grown from two to over 15 people, as our agency has expanded very quickly in last two years. We are based in
Milton Keynes, UK but our team come from all over the world.

CEO & Founder

Forward thinking innovative leader who loves to cook new recipies and eat them too!


Our Team - Kenneth Good | Air for Life ® - Milton Keynes
V.P. & Head of Compliance

An expert in contractual law who loves to spend time with his family and encourages his children to be the athletes of their dreams.

Our Team - Sunita Harji | Air for Life ® - Milton Keynes
Marketing Director

A motivated fun marketer with excellent organisational skills and a full time pup mum to an energetic Labrador.

Factory Sales Director

A very thorough and detailed engineer who overlooks AFL product development and loves a good buttery croissant in the morning.