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Food wastage is a huge problem within the food industry, this is because food waste releases tonnes of methane gas as it breaks down which is 25 times more harmful than carbon dioxide as it traps heat within the atmosphere which contributes to damaging the ozone layer.

Our technology can prolong shelf life of fresh produce by 10-15 days as it reduces the amount of Ethelyn gas produced by the fresh fruit and vegetables causing the foods to ripen faster and then
decay. By introducing our technology into warehouses, transportation trucks and supermarkets, we can reduce 30% of food wastage by the time it reaches supermarkets. Not only would this be more profitable for the businesses but also help towards the global climate crisis.

Hotels & Restaurants

The hospitality sector is rapidly back on the rise again as vacation lovers are booking their family vacations, honeymoons, city getaways and even staycations. In a post-pandemic world nothing is more reassuring to a hotel guest than knowing that their rooms are hygienic, dust free, bacteria free and odour free and has had a deep clean before the next guest arrives.

However there is no guarantee that this is the case, with our AFL Mini Sanifier® II guests can feel rest assured that their room is free from contaminants leftover from previous guests as well as clean from bacteria that has been missed by housekeeping. Leaving guests with the everlasting impression of staying in a newly opened or renovated hotel for every stay.

and Fleet Solutions

Taxi services/Car sharing are becoming a highly used service of transport for the public and as this continues to be on the rise, so does the number of passengers riding for their journeys and the number of drivers being employed. For customers they want to have a seamless and clean experience without the musty car odours, cigarette or food odours from when the driver or previous passenger had eaten in the vehicle before the next passenger.

Our AFL Car Sanifier® does just that sanitising the air and surfaces within the vehicle eliminating impurities, odours, PM2.5. Allowing drivers to receive that 5* review and extra tips for every journey.


Healthcare-associated infections acquired infections (HCAI) pose a high risk to patients, staff and visitors, this is because the infections at the time of acquirement may not be present or usually manifest 48 hours after hospital admission. Bacteria, viruses and infections are known to spread through contamination of equipment, cross contamination throughout the hospital/ surgery/ GP practice and poor hand hygiene which unfortunately results in patients falling ill prolonging their length stay of stay due to these HCAI and dying rather than successful treatment of their original infection costing the NHS an estimated £1billion a year.

Our technology is proven to eliminate bacteria/viruses and to stop the spread of contaminants in the air and on surfaces by up to 99.99%. By reducing these risks HCAI’s can prevent legal action,  damaging reputation and financial consequences. Air for Life can save healthcare establishments large sums of money by investing in indoor air quality allowing them to reinvest in other much needed healthcare equipment or buildings.


Children are the future generation and we as a society should be doing all that we can to invest into their future which includes their health. Poor indoor air quality in schools and universities can be the cause of decrease in productivity, absenteeism and spread of sickness and germs through poor hygiene. It is scientifically proven that negative ions that are found by the sea and mountainous areas increase the flow of oxygen to the brain this results in increased productivity due to higher levels of alertness, decreased drowsiness for those long afternoons and more mental stimulated energy.

Our dual plasma and ionisation technology also destroys airborne impurities and sanitises all surfaces the negative ions land on leading to reduction in the number of sick days and spread of infection in class. The same principle applies to the workplace, as we know when one person in the office gets sick or unwell it won’t be long before they have passed their cold onto their colleagues. Creating more days of absenteeism and decrease in productivity in the workplace which can be prevented with Air For Life.

& Wellbeing

Recreational buildings and everyday lifestyle buildings such as cinemas, malls, gyms, concert stadiums can effect the comfort levels of individuals, the same air is circulated within cinema’s
/ concert halls/stadiums resulting in an increase of carbon dioxide being inhaled, tiredness and sickness.

When people are inside malls or airports these buildings are unable to open windows and therefore rely on providing a high standard of air quality for customers to enjoy their experience. This is where Air For Life comes in. We can provide you with our products that purify and sanitise both the air and surfaces bringing fresh mountainous air indoors and destroys contaminants in the preventing recycled air we can also work with you and collaborate to your needs as a business.


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