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saving the world,
one tree at a time.

Air For Life has partnered with Ecologi to do our part for the earth and help towards reversing climate change.

We will be doing this by not only offsetting our company’s carbon usage to become a climate positive workforce but also for every customer who purchases from Air For Life, we will plant a tree on their behalf which becomes part of the Air For Life forest.

At Air For Life, we create products that improves indoor air quality to minimise the risk of lung-related diseases and needless to say, trees are the lungs of Earth and it is more important now than ever to take action to reduce the impact of climate change and to preserve our planet for our future generations.

We have set ourselves a business goal to plant
300,000 trees by 2030.
years of business

Ecologi is an environmental organisation based in the United Kingdom that funds reforestation projects through Ecologi’s projects, there has been over 28 million trees planted and over 1,000,000 tonnes of CO2 reduced since early 2019.

They have carefully selected locations around the world where they believe they can help the local communities by creating jobs for them to grow, plant and guard the forest restoration sites and providing fair-wages to the villagers. Ecologi also offsets carbon emissions through carbon offset projects where again they hire local villagers and create jobs and livelihoods in these communities by generating wind power to create electricity for example.

How can Ecologi offset Air For Life’s emissions?

The carbon emissions produced by our employees are offset by two schemes, the first being the Climate Positive Workforce scheme where trees are planted on a monthly basis, the trees that are planted now will take several years to develop, we understand that this won’t allow us to reduce carbon emissions straight away as it takes time for the trees to grow however this is where the second scheme kicks in.

The second scheme works by allowing Air For Life to fund projects that are verified by Ecologi’s “Gold Standard” and “Verified Carbon Standard” registries. The two schemes allows Air For Life (and our stakeholders) to see exactly where the funds are being contributing towards and understand how our carbon offset activities are doing. This is done so via carbon offset projects that have been set up by Ecologi.


Ecologi works to offset projects that meets the highest verification standards such as the Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard. This demonstrates the credibility of the organisations that they are also working with and provides us with the trust in the brand we have chosen to partner with.


If you like the sound of our tree planting project and to help us reach our goals for 2030, there are two ways you can help by:

Buy a Product
Make a purchase (or recommend friends and family) on our website and your purchase will allow us to plant a tree on your behalf
Gift an Impact
Visit our forest and click ‘gift more impact’ and select how many trees you would like to contribute towards Air For Life’s forest. Your payment will fund the trees and tree-planting projects to reduce carbon emissions and shared on our forest.