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AFL Mini Sanifier II®

Yes you can. In fact, the AFL Mini Sanifier® II was created with versatility in mind which is why the device is light, quiet, and contains travel adapters in every box. So as long as you have a access to a mains plug, you can stay protected with an AFL Mini Sanifier® II wherever you are.

This is one of our most asked questions. The AFL Mini Sanifier® II does not require much maintenance, in fact, it’s maintenance free. All you need to do, is to ensure there is a table or a space to position the AFL Mini Sanifier® II to allow the negative ions to be released when switched on.

No. With an AFL Mini Sanifier®, you can say goodbye to costly filter changes because every AFL Mini Sanifier® II does not require a filter to destroy airborne pollutants.

The light that you see when the AFL Mini Sanifier® II is running is the UV light. When airborne pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, and PM 2.5 passed through the device, it triggers a reaction onto the UV light that destroys the pollutants. So when you see the lights, you can see the pollutants being destroyed by the UV light which then triggers the AFLPCO® to target and destroy the pollutants.

The AFL Mini Sanifier® II can sanify an area of up to 330sq ft. The is roughly the size of an average hotel room, or a medium sized bedroom. Depending on the size and the level of airborne pollutants in the air, it could take between 10-15 minutes to fully sanify a room.

When the Air For Life logo starts to flash, this means it is time to replace the built-in cartridge. The cartridge lasts for approximately 1 year of continuous use, however, the AFL Mini Sanifier® II will continue to work even when the light flashes, but we would strongly recommend the cartridge is replaced to ensure optimum performance.

You can purchase a coloured AFL Mask® cover – they come in blue and pink and will fit both Black Edition and White masks.

The AFL Mini Sanifier® has a built-in timer which will trigger the AFL logo light to flash, the cartridge has been programmed to last for 1 year before it needs to be replaced.

Although this is quite rare, we ask that you reset the device.

To reset the AFL Mini Sanifier®, simply press and hold onto the FAN button followed by the POWER button, the timer will then reset and the light will stop flashing. If this continues, simply retry the procedure again, alternatively contact us at and our team will investigate this for you.

Include the image of the cartridge with the response ‘To change the cartridge inside the Mini, simply lift up the flap underneath the fan and unscrew the two screws. This will loosen and allow you to remove the rectangular piece. Then you can pull the old cartridge out and easily slot the new one in its place.

AFL Building

AFL Wall Mount -gym | Air for Life ® - Milton Keynes

The AFL Luna was the first commercial wall mount sanifier® that was created by our Founder and CEO. It was later rebranded to the AFL Building which contains a different cartridge, and releases more negative ions.

The AFL Wall Mount covers up to 3,000sq ft, whereas the AFL Mini Sanifier® Ii covers up to 330 sq ft of space.

Yes, the AFL Building can be installed in homes as well as commercial spaces. We would recommend you letting us know the placement location so we can make recommendations that allows you to make the most of the AFL Building.

The AFLBuilding does not contain a filter, thanks to the UV-C Light, AFLPCO and AFL PLASMA technologies built in.

The cartridge inside the AFL Building will need to be replaced every 5 years, as soon as the AFL Building light starts to flash, simply get in touch with our team at and a member of our team will be happy to assist with the cartridge replacement.

We recommend changing the cartridge every 2 years to keep optimal efficiency.

Although you are able to place the AFL Building yourself, we would recommend you speak to our team to ensure adequate details are provided to ensure the device is placed and fixed correctly.

Our products are built for long-term use, and therefore every Air For Life product could last for years. The cartridge would need to be replaced every 5 years.

Ideally yes to ensure there is optimum protection to your home or your commercial space. The AFL Building uses low-energy technology that uses very little energy to run.

The technology inside the AFL Building has technology that originates from NASA. Over 21 years ago, this technology was created to eliminate ethylene gas that are produced by fresh vegetables and fruits for the Mars Rover 2020 mission. Due to the pandemic, the mission became the Mars Rover 2021.

AFL Car Sanifier®

Yes you can. The AFL Car Sanifier® can be used around the world. We would recommend putting the AFL Car Sanifier® in your check-in luggage to minimise the chances of airport security from confiscating it.

Yes you can. The AFL Car Sanifier® is designed for use by all vehicles, from hatchbacks, saloons, estates, SUVs,4x4s,  and even electric vehicles. As long as your vehicle has as 12V socket, you can simply plug and use the device. If you vehicle does not have a 12V socket, you can order the AFL USB adapter from us here and you can start using the AFL Car Sanifier®.

The AFL Car Sanifier® is maintenance free, simply plug the device into your 12V socket, or USB adapter, and the Sanifier® will begin to work immediately.

Definitely. Lingering smells can be frustrating especially when you need to use the vehicle on a frequent basis. The AFL Car Sanifier® destroys lingering smells by releasing negative ions that targets and destroys pollutants that are within the vehicle’s surfaces.

We usually allow 15-20 minutes for the AFL Car Sanifier® to get rid of most odours inside vehicles, but it will depend on how long the lingering smell has been in the vehicle, what type of smell it is, and the size of your vehicle. But frequent use of the Sanifier®, will ensure the smell is destroyed as quickly as you would expect.

The AFL Car Sanifer is completely baby safe, pet and human friendly. In fact, by using the AFL Car Sanifier® in the car when your baby is present, allows them to breathe in clean air as opposed to pollutants created by surrounding vehicles, pollen, and even dust.

Yes it is. In fact, one of the main reasons for us to create the AFL Car Sanifier® is to allow users to take their pets with them on journeys, ensuring the journey is pollutant-free for humans and pets (it also destroys pet odours, and pet dander).

We have created an USB adapter for vehicles that do not have a 12V socket, simply click here to order the adapter. Make the click here pop out into another window instead of directing on the same page.

AFL Smart Cara

Smart Cara 4L-Lifestyle | Air for Life ® - Milton Keynes

The AFL Smart Cara is an award-winning food waste disposal solution for households. It uses a 3 step process that grinds, dehydrates and filters unpleasant odours that can linger when placed in compost bins. Helping you reduce your contribution to landfill waste and carbon footprint.

Yes you do. Every AFL Smart Cara comes with a replaceable filter that needs to be replaced every 3-6 months depending on usage. There are two available sizes for the models we supply.

Simply order your AFL Smart Cara filter from our online shop, or email us and a member of our team can provide further assistance.

We offer a choice of 2 litres and 5 litres. PCS-400D in Storm Grey and Ghost White and available in 2 litres. The PCS-500D-G is the Storm Grey and only available in 5 litres.

The AFL Smart Cara is low in maintenance, you would need to give the device a wipe down with the clean cloth, and remove the compost from time to time.

Your food waste will undergo a three-step process that turns the waste into garden compost. The three steps are:

  • Grinding of the food waste into small pieces.
  • Dehydrating the small pieces.
  • Filtering of unpleasant odours.

Once the AFL Smart Cara completes the three-step process, it will turn into soil-like compost that can be used for outdoor planting, planting indoor plants, and even be added to your grass.

No, the AFL Smart Cara filters out unpleasant odours during the grinding and dehydrating process.

The AFL Smart Cara has LED indicators which lets you know which stage it is currently in.

It takes approximately 3 hours for food waste to turn into compost.

The AFL Smart Cara uses approximately 13kWh based on a monthly average use of 52 times.

We would recommend that the food waste is kept no longer than 2 days, this is because bacteria and unpleasant odours can form especially when you live in a warm house, therefore a maximum of 2 days is our recommended duration of not treating the food waste whilst it is inside the device.

AFL Mask®

You cannot re-use the AFL Mask filter, they need to be disposed of in the bin.

The outside of the mask can be cleaned using sterilising alcohol wipes or anti- bacterial wipes.

The filters cannot be washed.

The AFL Mask has 2 fan speeds (hours given are an average & can vary);

– Low setting the battery will last 10-12 hours

– High setting it will last 4-6 hours.

How often you need to replace the filter depends on how contaminated/polluted the environment of use is and how long you are exposed to that environment (times given are an average & can vary). [Guidelines to this can be found in the manual that comes with the product.]

– Lightly polluted environment: Once every 2-3 months

– Moderately polluted environment: Once every 1-2 months

– Heavily polluted environment: Once every 2-4 Weeks

– Extremely polluted environment: Once every 1-2 weeks

The mask comes with 2 filters, 1 pre-inserted into the mask and 1 extra one in the box.

It is too early to make verified claims on COVID-19, however our nano silver ion layer on the filter is scientifically proven to be anti-viral & anti-bacterial.

The batteries in the AFL Mask are not replaceable and are built into the mask.  The batteries can be charged via an USB cable [there is a cable provided within the box of the product].

Yes you can. In fact, so many of our customers (including our own colleagues) have taken the AFL Mask® with them on the plane (both short and long haul flights).

No. The AFL Mask® protects you even when the fan is not switched on. The fan has two modes, a low mode and a high mode.

We are aware that wearing the wrong mask, could lead to problems, which is why when our Founder & CEO created the AFL Mask®, he made sure the mask is versatile and comfortable for all, which is why the mask is N99+ certified, this means the mask is able to filter out more particles than N95 masks.

The AFL Mask® consist of a hypoallergenic silica gel nose and mount cover which is perfect for those who have allergies towards plastic, or for those who often find marks on their faces after wearing masks for a long period of time.

It also contains a built-in fan, that can last between 4 to 8 hours depending on the speed chosen. We have been told by some users that they have used the fan on a 12-hour flight without the need to recharge, but it will depend on the user’s own experience.

The mask also contains a state of the art 4-stage nano silver ion filtrete™ technology for ultimate protection against 99.99% of all indoor and outdoor impurities such as bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen, air pollution (pm2.5), smoke, formaldehyde, benzene, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The mask isn’t heavy and will fit comfortably for all users. Every AFL Mask® comes with two straps that can be used depending on personal preference for optimum comfort.

The AFL Mask® comes in two colours – Black Edition and White.

You can purchase a coloured AFL Mask® cover – they come in blue and pink and will fit both Black Edition and White masks.

AFL Sonic Toothbrush

AFL Sonic Electric Toothbrush - Lifestyle | Air for Life ® - Milton Keynes

You can order our sonic toothbrush heads through our shop on the company website or exclusive and non exclusive distributors. For more information on our distributors in your country, please visit the contact us page.

We recommend that all sonic toothbrush heads are replaced every 3 months to ensure optimum clean and performance.

Every charge cycle lasts up to 100 days – this is based on our research with 2 daily brushes

Yes of course. Our Sonic Toothbrush can be taken with you on your travels, you can take it with you in your check-in luggage or hand-luggage. As the Sonic Toothbrush contains a battery inside, you will need to ensure this is shown and made aware to the airport security teams to reduce the chance of delays when passing security.

At the moment, there are two colours to choose from – black and white.

At the moment, there are two colours to choose from – black and white.

Shipping & Refund Faqs

All orders are despatched the following working day upon order, if you place your order on a Saturday, the products will be despatched on the Monday. Please note, our offices are closed on bank holidays.

We have a selection of delivery methods to choose from, however orders outside of the United Kingdom could take between 12 to 14 working days depending on your chosen delivery method and location.  We recommend that you contact for a more accurate estimate.

Yes you can, we will provide a tracking code to you as soon as the order has been despatched.

Simply email us at to let us know the situation and return the product to us. Our team will arrange a replacement product back to you.

As long as the amended information is sent to us, we will amend the address for you, however, we cannot guarantee this.

We are working on providing this service, however, for the time being, we will not be able to do this (yet)!

Although this is quite rare, we will ask that you contact us via to let us know, and we will replace this for you. We will need your contact information (contact number, best contact email address and your order number) before we are able to process any exchanges. However, this usually takes a maximum of 1 working day to confirm the details and to despatch the replacement item/s.

Refunds can take up to 14 working days to be completed (depending on your bank’s internal process), however, we will process refunds as soon as the items are returned to us.

Unfortunately products that are not purchased directly from AFL are not eligible for a refund from us, please contact the retailer that you have purchased the product as they will be able to provide assistance.