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Why Us?
Because we care.

Our dual ionisation technology ensure that any negative ions produced and released into the air are natural and non toxic. Our products are filter less, leaving no residue, no maintenance and scope of lingering bacteria and viruses making it extremely safe for humans, kids & pets.

We’ve worked with NASA to develop our AFL PLASMA® technology that breaks down unwanted particles into consumable natural components, there by making our technology environment friendly .

the house

Do you have trouble concentrating or getting quality sleep?

A huge part of feeling this way is the bacteria and viruses your home carries due to stale foods, pets, dust mites and air impurities. These are found in carpets, curtains, surfaces around the house to name a few. Our technology destroys particles that are attached to such surfaces making your home safe and uncompromised.

However, our products are not restricted to homes or small spaces only. Our products can be used for offices, shops and commercial spaces alike.

Learn more about how our products can help your business, cut costs, reduce waste and improve air quality.
and Hay Fever

Do you or a family member sensitive to pollen? Are you allergic to pets? Perhaps you get the sniffles from dust in the summer season. Our products deactivate the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, thus destroying their ability to multiply and cause diseases while sanitising surfaces. Our filter less products also prevents accumulation of dust bacteria or viruses, reducing the cost of maintenance. A safe way to enjoy your home with your family without any compromise

and young kids

Young kids and babies are at the highest risk of being exposed to pollutants coming from city life and smoke amongst other VOCs. They can often develop sensitivities, low immunity and allergies at a very young age.

Our dual ionisation technology rotates and refreshes the air, naturally without producing any harmful toxins. The negative ions produced create a fresh and clean environment and is safe for kids, babies and pets alike.

or Mildew

Lack of ventilation, closed up spaces especially in colder climates often causes dampness that allows mould to grow indoors. Mould produces allergens that can cause a plethora of health issues such as aasthma, runny nose, red eyes and touching it may cause a skin rash as well. AFL Sanifiers® not only prevent mould from growing, but can also help eliminate* the problem buy filtering the bacteria and converting it into negative ions, leaving your home refreshed and rejuvenated

and young kids

Do you often come home to an unwelcoming smell? If you have a carpeted home, children or pets, there’s bound to be spills and smells. Kitchen waste, daily cooking and stale food all contribute to this leaving you wondering and covering up with topical solutions.

Our filter less air purification technology developed with NASA is sure way to destroy the pathogens and preventing them to multiply, ensuring clean mountainous air for your family to enjoy.

Want to know more about, how our technology works?
On the road

Take clean mountainous air with you where ever you go. Long drives can be very tiring and it doesn’t help that the car is not always ventilated to receive fresh air. If you’ve got kids, you know what the back seats look like – Image what it smells like! Our car sanifier® is the answer to your prayers. A magic wand that eliminates odours,  refreshes the air and kills 99.99% pollutants, allergens and bacteria, making your journey as pleasant as can be. You will still need to clean the back seats though.