AFL Sonic Toothbrush


Air For Life’s highly recommended dental hygiene sonic toothbrush gives you a clean, fresh, whiter smile every day. It removes up to 8x more plague than your regular electric toothbrush and 3x more than your average Sonic Toothbrush. The sonic action not only means that the bristles are able to reach areas within your mouth that is usually harder to get to, but the built in pressure sensor ensures excessive pressure is not applied while brushing to avoid bleeding gums.


giving you up to 100 days of battery life out of every charge
Box contains
  • 2 x Toothbrush heads (1 soft toothbrush head and 1 firmer toothbrush head)
  • 1 x Sonic Toothbrush
  • 1 x USB charger with base
Toothbrush head advice:

We recommend changing and replacing the brush head every three months. When you use the brush everyday the bristles tend to wear down and for good oral hygiene it is highly recommended to replace.

The AFL Sonic Toothbrush has 5 cleaning modes;

Daily clean – Daily cleaning for everyday use

Sensitive teeth – Vibrations slow down and become softer for those with sensitive teeth

Whitening – whitening and polishing your teeth works well with a whitening toothpaste

Deep cleaning – to leave your mouth feeling a lot more fresh and clean, this mode is fantastic with those who have gingivitis, bleeding gums, teeth stains and bad breath.

Gum massage – gentle mode to massage the gums to help prevent gum disease and bleeding gums.

Description Specifications
Size 246 x 27 mm
Charging Time 10 Hours
Battery Life 100 Days
Charging Time 46-48
AFL Sonic Toothbrush - tech   | Air for Life ® - Milton Keynes


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