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Hotels & Restaurants

In this post-pandemic era, nothing assures hotel guests more than hygienic, dust-free, bacteria-free, odour-free, and smoke-free rooms that undergo thorough deep cleaning before their arrival. Unfortunately, such cleanliness isn’t always guaranteed.

With Air For Life, guests can trust their accommodations are free from lingering contaminants and thoroughly sanitised, ensuring a fresh experience with every stay. Ozone-free products, not only promotes a healthier environment but also streamlines cleaning, allowing hotels to focus on maximizing occupancy and delivering exceptional guest experiences. Welcome your guests to a revitalized stay with Air For Life.


+ Fleet Solutions

As taxi services and car sharing become increasingly popular modes of transportation, the number of passengers and drivers continues to rise. Customers expect a seamless and clean experience, free from musty odours, cigarette smoke, or lingering food smells from previous occupants.

This ensures that drivers can consistently provide a top-notch experience, earning 5-star reviews and extra tips from every journey. We are able to provide unique solutions for the public transport industry where we have already successfully  completed R&D projects for coaches and buses where our products have been installed to 24V, purifying and sanitising the air and improving the indoor air quality for all.


+ Wellbeing

Recreational and lifestyle buildings like cinemas, malls, gyms, and concert stadiums significantly impact individuals’ comfort levels. In spaces such as cinemas and concert halls, where the same air is circulated, there’s a risk of increased carbon dioxide levels, leading to fatigue and potential illness. Similarly, in enclosed environments like malls and airports, airplanes, where windows cannot be opened, maintaining a high standard of air quality is crucial for ensuring a pleasant customer experience. 

Air For Life is able to purify and sanitise both the air and surfaces, bringing the freshness of mountain air indoors with the windows shut, while eliminating contaminants in recycled air. We’re dedicated to collaborating with businesses to tailor solutions that meet their specific needs and enhance indoor air quality for everyone’s well-being.


Food wastage presents a significant challenge in the food industry, emitting tons of methane gas as it decomposes, a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide, exacerbating ozone layer damage. Our technology extends the shelf life of fresh produce by 10-15 days, curbing ethylene gas production that accelerates ripening and decay. Implementing our solution in warehouses, transport, and supermarkets can slash food wastage by 30%, benefiting both businesses and the environment in combating the climate crisis.


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