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What does it mean to become an AFL Distributor?

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Being an Air For Life distributor is all about wanting to learn, know and understand our products and brand inside and out, being dedicated to the solution of bringing clean air into all indoor spaces and Having a passion to be part of our winning Air For Life team.

We are looking for distributors around the world who are interested and truly understand the Air Quality market and the demand it offers, with a wide array of credible and leading clients ranging from retail, commercial, hospitality, government, automotive and many more.

If this is you then fill in the form below and get in touch with us to explore this further.

The process of becoming an AFL Distributor

The Process

Once you have decided that you would like to be a distributor we’d like you to get in touch with us by filling out our form below and letting us know which country you are interested in becoming a distributor. We would like to know a little bit about you and your company and your distribution networks including a brief summary of why we should take you on as our distributor.

Following this a member of our sales team will get in touch with you and arrange an online zoom call to discuss the scope of your requirement in more detail. This will also allow us to identify whether you would be the right fit for us.

We would expect any new brand to provide us with a marketing plan which demonstrates your route to market with forecasted sales numbers and how you expect to achieve this.

If you meet all of our requirements then as a next step we would issue you with our contract to sign and get back to us. There are no minimum orders that you need to meet to sell our products unless we have had a conversation about exclusivity for a particular country which does require a contract to be signed for minimum binding orders.

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If you are interested in becoming our distributor then please use this form to provide us information about yourself and your company. A member of our team will be in touch shortly after.