New equipment, components and spare parts supplied by Air For Life UK Limited (“Air For Life”) are warranted for the benefit of the original purchaser only, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the time of delivery and to conform to the Company’s written specifications for a period of 12 (“Twelve”) Months from date of delivery in respect of all AFL Products and subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. With regard to any components incorporated in the product not of Air For Life manufacture, then Air For Life’s warranty obligation shall be limited to the warranty actually extended to Air For Life by the respective component manufacturer. Air For Life shall have no other liability with regard to such components.
  2. Any claims for defects arising during the period of warranty shall be notified, without delay upon discovery, and shall be submitted in writing in the prescribed form. Relevant particulars of the alleged defect/failure shall be provided to Air For Life with any supporting evidence. Subject to Air For Life’s acceptance of liability for the defects then Air For Life will repair or replace such defective equipment, parts or components thereof at the discretion of Air For Life and Air For Life shall be responsible for reasonable costs incurred in returning defective products.
  3. Air For Life shall not be liable for any defects or failures arising due to:
  • Inadequate or improper installation (where applicable) save where such installation is/was the direct responsibility of Air For Life, abuse or neglect during use, including but not limited to operation, inadequate maintenance or any damage as a consequence of non-compliance with original manufacturer or Air For Life’s operating and/or maintenance instructions.
  • Defects arising from fair wear and tear, wilful damage, negligence, abnormal working conditions or through failure to follow Air For Life’s recommendations, whether verbal or in writing, misuse, the failure of the Buyer to replace equipment, parts or components or effect such repairs as recommended by the manufacturer or by Air For Life.
  1. Air For Life’s liability, with respect to equipment, components or parts proved, to Air For Life’s satisfaction to be defective within the warranty period, shall be limited to repair or replacement thereof as provided herein and in no event shall include any liability for damage to property loss of earnings or profit, nor any other consequential, indirect, incidental or contingent damages whatsoever.
  2. The terms of this Warranty do not apply where the Buyer is in an overseas area where, in the opinion of Air For Life and at its sole discretion, the quality of the mains supply is such to make the Products and use thereof unreliable.
  3. In the event that a warranty claim is rejected then the Buyer shall be responsible for all costs, and expenses directly or indirectly incurred by Air For Life including the cost of replacement equipment, parts or components and/or labour associated with such replacement or repair thereof.
  4. All original equipment, parts or components replaced under Warranty should be returned to Air For Life for inspection immediately upon replacement.  Air For Life reserves the right to invoice for the cost of all such equipment, parts or components in the event that they are not immediately returned by the Buyer for inspection and including all costs, expenses and labour directly or indirectly incurred by Air For Life.
  5. This warranty represents the entire responsibility of Air For Life and all express and/or implied, statutory or other warranty conditions or liabilities, whether as to fitness for purpose, performance or otherwise relating to the product or any part thereof, are hereby excluded.
  6. In no event shall Air For Life’s obligations in respect of Warranty be greater than those provided under the terms and conditions of the Air For Life Standard Warranty as described above.
  7. All warranties should be registered at within 30 days of purchase. Air For Life (UK) Ltd warranty will only apply to those end user customers who have purchased directly from Air For Life or from an authorised official Air For Life distributor or sub-distributor and registered their purchase in accordance with these terms.